The City of Biloxi, Mississippi joined the C-HOST (Coastal Hazard Outreach Strategy Team) users group in 2008 and continues to be an active member. However, Biloxi also sought to develop a Program for Public Information as a new avenue for CRS outreach points. Biloxi chose to pursue a single jurisdiction Program for Public Information.

Biloxi’s PPI Committee includes 5 City Staff Members: the Floodplain Manager, the CRS Coordinator, the Public Affairs Officer, the City Engineer, and the Emergency Manager.

Biloxi’s Committee also includes 5 Community Stakeholders: an Insurance Agent, a Banker, a Realtor, a Resident of the Special Flood Hazard Area, and a Resident that does not live in the Special Flood Hazard Area.

Biloxi’s flood outreach efforts target a variety of audiences including coastal and floodplain residents, business owners, realtors, insurance agents, contractors and developers, Spanish speakers, and Vietnamese speakers.

Biloxi’s outreach messages include six messages prescribed by the CRS program, along with hurricane preparedness and general emergency preparedness.

6 Standard Messages:

  1. Know your flood hazard.
  2. Insure your property for your flood hazard.
  3. Protect people from the flood hazard.
  4. Protect property from the flood hazard.
  5. Build responsibly.
  6. Protect natural floodplain functions.

Biloxi’s PPI Committee meets twice a year, before and after hurricane season. During the meeting, the Committee evaluates the effectiveness of the outreach efforts and identifies any needed changes.

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